Ted 2 photos

Posted by Webster Colcord

Now that the movie is out, I will be posting more pictures from my year on Ted 2.  This is from one particularly interesting day, when the team was called in early to get some temp shots done quickly for a sequence called "Hooker Ted". 


In the L.A. studio

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Working on a couple of small claymation projects for a short while, at my home studio in L.A., before starting on the next big CG project...


"Hell and Back" release date announced

Posted by Webster Colcord

Just announced - Hell and Back has gotten a distributor and a release date!  I animated on this at Shadow Machine under animation supervisor Misha Klein.  For an additional sequence added later, I was animation supervisor when Misha was unavailable.  It's not often that independent, r-rated, stop-motion animated features get made!  



Posted by Webster Colcord

Detail from a painting I did for my oldest son's 2nd birthday in 1998.


Ted 2 trailer released!

Posted by Webster Colcord

The trailer for Ted 2 has just been released.  I've been working on this since last June and we still have a lot of work to do.  The movie is coming out this Summer.


working on Ted 2

Posted by Webster Colcord

In June, I returned from India to start right in on Ted 2.  I've been on location doing on-set motion capture and postvis - first in Boston, now back in Los Angeles.  Here's a shot from a difficult location, where we actually recorded mocap next to a car on a busy sidewalk on Beacon Hill.

I just returned to the U.S. from a two-and-a-half month stint in Mumbai, India, at Prime Focus on Sin City 2. I was previs/layout/animation lead under supervisor Kyle Jefferson. It was difficult, but also crazy fun and India was life-changing. My experience on the show was very reminiscent of my time at The Orphanage in San Francisco, where we worked on several projects for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.