2002 Director's Reel

Posted by Webster Colcord

Webster Colcord commercial director's reel from 2002 from Webster Colcord on Vimeo.

I ran my own boutique animation studio -starting in earnest in 1993- animating and directing in a variety of media with a small group of friends in Portland, Oregon. In 1997 I took a job with PDI/ Dreamworks and moved to the San Francisco Bay area, but I continued to do some small pieces on my own, including the Nick Jr. logo at the end of this reel.


M-Flem-Jr said...

Flip-pin cool Webster, I hadn't seen a lot of these. That bird hitting the glass was really good as well as that T-Rex He is definitely one of the coolest puppets I have seen.

Webster Colcord said...

Thanks Mike! The bird hitting the glass was for an ad for a Vegas Casino. It was a foam puppet animated against bluescreen, without any movement through space - the overall flying motion was added later in compositing. I replaced his face with squished clay for a few frames at the impact. The feathers were clay-on-glass, also shot against blue. The T-Rex was used in a station I.D. for The Learning Channel, and was actually sculpted by Gairy Bialke, cast with a this latex skin over a cold foam interior, I did the finish painting and detail (teeth, eyes, etc...).

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