Three animated loops

Left side - a cel animated dog walk, middle - a CG walk for a commercial directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, right - a CG animated alien walk for an Intel commercial.

Three Animation Loops from Webster Colcord on Vimeo.

fun with animated gifs - dinosaur roar


title sequence for low budget film

Two versions of the title for an indie feature film entitled "House of Jazz". I animated this in CG and rendered with Maya's built-in toon render. The film had a psychedelic horror theme and was directed by Jacques Boyreau. Unfortunately he changed the name of the movie after I finished these titles. And the project stalled in the editing phase.

House of Jazz main title sequence, two versions from Webster Colcord on Vimeo.


"Valerie Yum" test

Just started uploading to Vimeo, here's a test for The Dandy Warhols "Valerie Yum" song which I did a month or so ago. The cat animation is a cycle that I roto-mated from footage I shot of our cat, Willa, and placed into a destruction environment from a "big movie" that I worked on. So it's cycle animation and recycled environment. Courtney Taylor-Taylor (their lead singer) liked it but I'm not sure that it will get any farther than this test -

The Dandy Warhols, "Valerie Yum" test from Webster Colcord on Vimeo.


new website under construction

Working on revamping my old site by turning it into a blog, wish me luck. Here's a frame of a run cycle of The Host from 2005...