catching up... MTV's "Greatest Party Story Ever" 2 segments

I apologize for not posting in forever, it just seems like there's so much stuff out on the web, no one has time to read a blog.  Nevertheless, I'll try to catch up in chronological order with all of the things I have worked on in the last two years.

First up (I went into production on this right after "Bubbles Burst") are two segments that I directed for Shadow Machine, under supervising director Ross Shuman. These were aired on MTV's "Greatest Party Story Ever"

GPSE_042_Britt_and_Meg_Final Animation Locked Cut from Webster Colcord on Vimeo.
Lighting, sculpture, compositing and animation: Webster Colcord
Character design: Damon Bard
Set and prop fabrication: Shaina Fender

GPSE_061_Patrick_Quinn_Final Animation Locked Cut from Webster Colcord on Vimeo.
Lighting, camera, sets, rigging, compositing: Webster Colcord
Animation by Justin Kohn and Webster Colcord
Armature, puppet fabrication of main characters by Ralph Cordero
Joseph Gordon Levitt caricature by Webster Colcord
Miniature signage by Keshav Abrol
Additional miniatures and sets by Grant Diffendaffer
Roto assistance from PR Media Group

A little behind-the-scenes timelapse below...