California Raisin refurbished

I just finished cleaning up this old California Raisin for display. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, I'll try to take a better one and replace it. If memory serves, I built this particular puppet and animated it in the last shot of this PSA for the Public Library: Raisin Rap

That's my hand that comes down and stamps the book in the last shot. All of the Raisins for the PSA were made using existing molds from "Meet the Raisins" - this Raisin is "BeBop." Vince Backeberg fabricated all of the legs for the Raisins, I think. I also animated the shot where "Red" says "Check 'em out." Hal Hickel, Larry Bafia, Brad Johnson and the late Bruce McKean also worked on the PSA. Sir Mix-a-Lot did the music.


Life Drawing 02

More lunchtime life drawing.


Life Drawing 01

One of the great perks of working at giant companies like Dreamworks, EA, and Disney is that they tend to offer free enrichment classes for artists. The downside is that I always have too much work on my plate to attend them. Today, though, I was able to attend a lunchtime life drawing class and produced these sketches, the more finished of which were from longer poses.