Dinosaur in pencil

It's dinosaur week here on the ol' blog. This was sketched between renders at Image Movers Digital...


Lizard with a baseball bat

I made this for my son Edward's baseball team banner in 2006. They called themselves the "Dragons" but I think this is more of a lizard. Or a Komodo dragon, or maybe an alligator. Notice the posing similarity with my Devil Dinosaur painting.


Devil Dinosaur - esque

Painted this in acrylic in 2001, just a quickie thing... I kind of like it though. I put the watermark on there just in case someone wants to steal this for package art, which would be awesome - please contact me if you want it, I'll give you a hi-res file for your cheap plastic toy label.


1989-ish poster for Portland event

Recently dug up some old artwork that Ben Adams and I produced for a Portland, Oregon event in around 1989. Click on it to see it full-size. It was a freebie for an organization that was doing a concert called "Bash on the Bricks" but unfortunately they chose not to do full color for the posters so they didn't use our design, rather just some boring text in two colors.

Folks familiar with Portland may recognize the Pioneer Square fountain in the background, which is where the concert took place. The black negative space in was intended for text, the brick-shaped lines around the edges were meant to be dye-cut on the sides of the posters. It would have been a pretty ambitious print job. Ben helped with ideas, the layout and pencil underdrawing. I did the painting.


McGruff P.S.A. designs from 1998-ish

One of the lower budget spots that we did at the PDI/Dreamworks Commercial and Effects division (which was closed in 2002) was a PSA for McGruff the Crime Dog on how to deal with bullies. I did some character designs for director Larry Bafia based on the client's concept that the animation should mimic a videogame.

Click on the drawing above to see it at higher resolution, it's sort of a combination of character design and animation posing.

Here's the final spot, which ended up being done almost completely by one artist (I think mostly for budgetary reasons) - I didn't work on it as an animator but I enjoyed working on the design.