Article about Atomic Fiction's work on Deadpool

Got a nice mention from Ryan Tudhope in this overview of the VFX work we did at Atomic Fiction on Deadpool. Thanks to my great animation team for seeing it thru: Cameron Folds, Julie Jaros, Guido Muzzarelli, Scott Fritts, Don Waller, Mark Powers, Jeremy Bolan, Ryan Bradley, Adam Klein, and Mike Dacko.

I'm particularly proud of the shot below, which seems silly because it's not a "hero" shot of our CG Deadpool. But in fact, the interior car shots were a big deal because the entire background was CG and there were a lot of car continuity issues, and the motion of the CG SUV became the camera car with the matchmove riding on top of it...

Atomic Fiction's work on Deadpool

And here's the breakdown reel put together by Cindy and Aishe at Atomic:

"Deadpool" Visual Effects Breakdown from Atomic Fiction on Vimeo.