one of my old cartoons on Vimeo

Extreme Man & Insane Boy, Episode I from Webster Colcord on Vimeo.

In pursuit of his ambition to become a super hero, Extreme Man sits in his hilltop bunker waiting for word of criminal activity over his stolen police radio. Fueled by comic books and paranoia, the hostile and incompetent ex-actor turned crimefighter has managed to assemble the accessories of a super hero, including a military vehicle which he calls the "Extreme Machine" and his sidekick, Insane Boy, who escaped from a mental institution and spends most of his time in a straight jacket.

The city below is a burned-out and nearly vacant husk of what was once a great metropolis. In this decrepit environment a small group of mutated super-villians have set up a social club in which they scheme their next attack on what remains of civil society. With grim determination our two heroes square off against the loose coalition of villains. Meanwhile the bad guys, led by the Screaming Skull, try to keep an optimistic party-like atmosphere going whenever possible.