Animation for VFX reel

opening title with Nicoderm characters (keyframe)
Iron Man - flying shot breakdown from test (keyframe)
Iron Man - 2 shot breakdowns from test (mocap)
Live Free or Die Hard - freeway collapse breakdown (simulation with keyframe animation)
Superman Returns - bullet and Superman animation (keyframe)
Speed Racer - test (keyframe)
Evolution - cells divide (keyframe)
Evolution - fish (keyframe)
The Host - run cycle (keyframe), digital doubles (keyframe and mocap)
The Host - fall on truck (keyframe)
The Host - death scene (keyframe)
Dungeon Siege - 3 shots - crowds, cycles (keyframe and mocap)
Matrix: Revolutions - A.P.U. firing (keyframe)
Minority Report - 3 shots (keyframe)