Ted VFX supe Blair Clark gave me shout-outs in these interviews about the process involved in crafting Seth's character:  Ted the Bear Facts  Ted in Post Magazine The Art of VFX

Back in October, we mocapped Seth during a live taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show. Tippett studios then worked on integrating Ted into the footage up until it aired (cut into the live show) to promote the home video release of Ted in December. It was a really fun shoot. Tippett studio rendered the shots on fields (60fps) to match the look of the live video.


Ted trailer released

The trailer for the movie I've been working on for most of this last year has just been released.  On this film I was the on-set Previs artist, the mocap integration guy, and the Postvis artist.  I also took on the mocap technician role after principal photography wrapped.  I haven't been blogging about my experience on the show because it's all been very top-secret.  Hope you enjoy it!