backstage with Beats Antique

On November 15th, Beats Antique played the Fonda Theater in Hollywood to a sold out house.  I was invited to bring some friends who worked on it.  This is me with the band and Edgar Humberto Alvarez who helped out by sculpting the train and the initial versions of the band.  I put a little display together of their puppet alter-egos and gave it to them after the show.  Photos courtesy of Edgar's Go Pro.

Also, Dragonframe, the software that 9 out of 10 animatos uses for shooting stop-motion these days, featured our music video on their blog:  Beezlebub

And furthermore, Obscura put together this super-piece about the show and the projection mapping endeavor (and I love that last shot of Zoe!):

Beats Antique “A Thousand Faces” Tour from Obscura Digital on Vimeo.

Here's what it looks like during the concert, courtesy of a spectator who posted it on youTube: