Animating Justin Kohn's mechanical creatures

My old friend Justin Kohn recently invited me to participate in a fun project that he's doing along with some of his students from the Academy of Art. He's been making these bizarre mechanical creatures for awhile and we're finally putting them through their paces, animating them against greenscreen on the stage at the Ex'pressions College in Emeryville.

I shot for a day - it was quite a challenge as these are very heavy contraptions with a lot of moving parts. I only managed to do about 30 frames, but I think the results were pretty good for my first time with this puppet. I'll be posting more pictures and movies when it all gets put together.

2010-10-07 update
Michael Stevenson just posted the raw footage up on Vimeo. The shot I animated is the third in the sequence and Michael finished out the animation after somewhere about frame 30:

War of the Worlds tests from Michael Stevenson on Vimeo.