Underground Robot

Underground Robot [test] from Webster Colcord on Vimeo

I've been uploading my old work to Vimeo, here's "Underground Robot" which was done in 2002 as a series pitch to Nickelodeon. I also sent it to Cartoon Network, but nothing came of it. The test was very popular on YouTube, though, and I would love to finish it as a short film.


  1. Very cool, I always liked the concept of Underground Robot's plot and the style of the characters & background is sweet, especially the Robot. Are those actual LED's in the Robot's head or was that added in post?

    I would love to see you finish the short, It would definitely be awesome to see you get back to your stop-mo roots.

    Your son is going to be a good Bass player, He did a great job!

  2. There's two puppets of the robot, one is the close-up (partially buried) robot which actually has a hollow head with light-up eyes. The other is the full body puppet which is about 10 inches tall, and the eyes are just painted with bright orange paint.

  3. I love your stop-motion works Webster, thanks so much for the great animations in Monkeybone and Mad Doctors of Borneo.

    In another front, ¿was your short Wire We Here make in stop-motion? Thanks a lot for your time.

    I know that you are a great fan of the stop-motion animation, because of I offer you to see my blog: www.puppetsandclay.blogspot.com . Is a spanish blog, but the videos in stop-motion don´t have language

  4. Thanks Hermanos - "Wire We Here" was actually made in stop-motion by Doug Aberle, who eventually made a series of shorts featuring the same pipe-cleaner characters for Sesame Street. I worked on the first short - I animated just a few shots - it was a long time ago and I don't quite remember.

  5. Thank you for your comments in the blog.

    Now I´m making an article about a animation test of James and the giant Peach. What you did in this film? Have you any photo of the behind scenes?

  6. (^ it seems one of my closest yet farthest away friends has found you in here.
    (^ I'll assume it's because of the robots.

    (^> prosser