The Dandy Warhols, "Welcome to the 3rd World"

The Dandy Warhols, "Welcome to the Third World" director's cut from Webster Colcord on Vimeo.

After a long wait while little tweaks were made to meet the approval of the band, this music video that I directed is finally being released out into the world. You can view it as streaming video here and it's also available as a download on iTunes.


  1. very very very well done ! I really like the blue bunny in the beginning - what was it's name again ?

    there is very much to learn from this video - especially about backgrounds and animated backgrounds. And colours. Really sickening colours.

    And the smoke animations - was this really liquids filmed and stuff ?

    Really impressive - not my kind of music, but together with this video, it really works out !

  2. The bunny is a nod to Ralph Bakshi's "Fritz the Cat" but I don't remember his name, or if he even had a name in that movie. The smoke is actually stock footage shot in a cloud tank - so I can't entirely take the credit for making that, just its implementation.