Brisk Eminem

I animated the sequence on the rooftop (photo above) and the walk-off at the end, with assistance from Dick Kaneshiro and Matt Manning. Amy Adamy and Misha Klein animated all of the "rotator" sequence.

A Very BRISK Behind the scenes from cinejess on Vimeo.
Behind-the-scenes video by Jessica Fisher


  1. DAMN! That is pretty good! Ha, the Machete one is my favorite. PS, finally saw "Maniac", pretty damn good, but wow that was messsssed up! I thought you said something about Randy Cook being in it? Or was that another movie? Where he plays the bad guy? Looks like you're havin fun on these.

  2. Mad Max,

    Glad you liked the spots, I'm going to post more production photos soon in case you're interested.

    Nope - "Maniac" is extremely messed up. The film that Randy Cook stars in, as well as doing amazing fx for, is "I, Madman".

  3. Ok, watched "I, Madman"! Freakin really cool stopmo sequences! Wow. Still thought Maniac was great though, as disturbing as it may be. I'll certainly be back for the other production photos.

  4. Max - Isn't the jackal-boy amazing? Particularly at the end when he's running on his arms towards camera.

    I posted the photos on Facebook, check 'em out.