Seargeant Siren

In honor of the incident report that my 10-year old son Edward got today at school for misbehaving, I present this drawing that I did for him when he was about 5. Fisher Price marketed these macho toys called "Rescue Heroes" to little kids and they would package an animated movie on DVD along with the toy. This is a little drawing that I made for him on a piece of cardboard, the toy is on the right. The two dust spirals were Ed's contribution.

If you want to see a drawing by Edward, you can find one on a t-shirt in my store.


  1. Very Cool Stuff Webster, I remember getting in trouble at school or getting "write-ups" as they were called here. My dad gave me his toy cap gun he had as a kid when I was little and I took it to school. You should have seen the reaction. I had near perfect grades but I got kicked out of school and it was just a big drama storm. This was also before all of the school shootings the past decade has seen.

    Anyhow, I love the drawing. It kinda reminds me of your audition sculpture a little. Edwards shirt is also pretty neat. I'll have to get one of each as soon as I get some dough, that flip book set is also really cool! How hard is it to get em' Autographed?

  2. Mike, don't buy the flipbook - I'm working on getting a much cheaper version printed up. I'll autograph one and send it to you when I get them done.