1989-ish poster for Portland event

Recently dug up some old artwork that Ben Adams and I produced for a Portland, Oregon event in around 1989. Click on it to see it full-size. It was a freebie for an organization that was doing a concert called "Bash on the Bricks" but unfortunately they chose not to do full color for the posters so they didn't use our design, rather just some boring text in two colors.

Folks familiar with Portland may recognize the Pioneer Square fountain in the background, which is where the concert took place. The black negative space in was intended for text, the brick-shaped lines around the edges were meant to be dye-cut on the sides of the posters. It would have been a pretty ambitious print job. Ben helped with ideas, the layout and pencil underdrawing. I did the painting.


  1. Sheesh, Their loss. What more did they want? For you to print and hang them too?!?! I think it's awesome and bands would love to have something so cool advertising their show. Sweet job! I can't believe they didn't use it.

  2. I think it may have come down to the cost of the printing. In the end the poster was so incredibly plain, just text and some rectangles to represent bricks - I think they just didn't have the money to pay for full color.